By Bob Kain, CEO + Co-founder of LunaPBC

One day in the near future, we’ll wake up in the morning and the first thing we hear will be a personal digital assistant providing us information on our relative mental and physical well being without having to ask.

Based on continuously streaming wearable or implantable device data, interactive gamified surveys on our phone, our health histories, microbiome and genome profiles, artificial intelligence algorithms will continuously monitor our health, searching for early symptoms of disease, chronic condition flare-ups, or assisting us with diet or fitness goals. Today’s data innovations are not only ground-breaking, they’re life-changing.  

Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) power will be unleashed when there is comprehensive, detailed, and longitudinal data available at population scale. AI combined with continuous data contributions over time, by individuals, will power discoveries for society, while also enabling personalized medicine for the individual. In the near future, complex health and medical problems will be solved at an exponentially increasing rate,  ultimately improving quality of life for all. 

But this vision of our future is not limited by technological innovation. Rather, it’s limited by people’s trust or lack thereof in any organization working to collect comprehensive individual data. How many people will willingly and continuously contribute detailed personal health & medical data to organizations that they don’t have a deep, trusting relationship with? And consumer trust can only be earned by enabling individuals to control their data, know when and how their data is being used, and share in any windfall gains earned from the data.

That’s why the public benefit corporation, LunaPBC, founded the LunaDNA Platform, a data-sharing and research discovery platform. Anyone and everyone can remotely, digitally, and easily participate in science, with privacy protection, full data control (consistent with CCPA & GDPR), as well as transparent operations. LunaDNA is accelerating medical breakthroughs by advancing people from subjects of research to partners in discovery. Through this community data-driven discovery, the most important questions are answered, the right problems are solved, and people’s lived experiences are included in cutting-edge studies and trials.

Luna is bringing together individuals, communities, and researchers to better understand life. Directly drive health discovery by joining the Tell Us About You study. The more we come together to contribute health data for the greater good, the quicker and more efficient research will scale, and improve the quality of life for us all.  

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