Bring people and scientists together to make breakthroughs happen

We connect individuals, their data and experiences, and scientists to uncover new insights faster to help families, friends, neighbors, and others everywhere, worldwide.

We work for the greater good

We are a Public Benefit Corporation for a reason. We believe that good science requires ongoing interactions with people to better understand how their health changes over time, how treatments impact their health, and ultimately find better ways to manage and treat conditions and diseases. With Luna, people and communities of people with shared conditions and interests connect with researchers to drive new breakthroughs together.


Luna is overseen by SEC and IRB regulators to ensure you are treated fairly and ethically.

You will know what is happening with your data at all times.


The platform is built from the ground up to comply with worldwide privacy regulations.

You can choose to allow access to your personal information.


Data is never sold to third parties and it never leaves the platform unless you allow it.

You can delete your data or revoke your consent at any time.


The latest security protocols are implemented to protect data within the platform.

You can feel safe sharing your data for research.


Insights are returned to members who earn dividends from contributing data.

You share in the value from your participation in research.

We live our values by holding ourselves and our partners to the same standards.

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The Luna Ecosystem

Our member-owned digital data-sharing community makes discovery representative of the real world and aligned with people’s true goals by giving all individuals a role in research from right where they are.

Join the data sharing community that’s redefining how scientific discovery and medical advancement gets done.