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All About You Study

All About You

Your health is impacted by your genetics, environmental influences, life experiences, and so much more. By sharing your health information, you can qualify for and receive invitations to studies that matter to you.

Women’s Health Priorities

Historically, women have been under-served and under-represented in medical research. We invite you to join women’s health studies that are based on the priorities you shared on which topics should be at the center of women’s health research.

Women’s Study
COVID-19 Study


COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives. This study aims to uncover social, mental, and health impacts to people around the world. Together, we can help improve current outcomes and better prepare us for future pandemics.

Veteran’s Priorities and Experience

If you’ve served in the military, you may have unique health challenges associated with your experiences, from injuries incurred during combat or training to mental and cognitive trauma. We invite you to share your experiences on which topics should be at the center of veteran’s health research.

Is Eye Color Genetic?

Eye Health

Your eye health affects all aspects of your everyday life. This study seeks to understand how your genetics and general health impact your vision.

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