Join Southern California’s Discovery Community

Blood donors asked how their blood donation can have even more impact on the mission of San Diego Blood Bank. Now, you can join a digital community to influence the future of personalized medicine.

Participate in Studies that Matter to You

San Diego Blood Bank’s mission is more than accepting blood donations for transfusion medicine. Today, it is a platform for ensuring the community’s health by connecting its resources and diverse blood donors with research opportunities to ultimately improve the future health of Southern California by securing lifesaving treatments for people of all backgrounds.

A community hosted on the Luna platform ensures:

  • A framework where your priorities are listened to and matter most
  • A safe environment where you maintain control of your confidential information
  • An opportunity for you to share data over many years to aid researchers in studies that matter to you

Dedicated blood donor Jeff Gonka may have stated it best:

“One standard blood donation could save up to three lives, but one small blood sample donated for research could potentially save thousands of lives.”

Take the Next Steps to Further Health Discovery

What we need from you: 

  1. Create your account
  2. Consent and join the community 
  3. Share more about you by completing a few simple surveys 
  4. Stay tuned as SDBB creates further research opportunities for you

*The study is enabled on Luna, a software platform that operates in compliance with international and domestic privacy regulations, including GDPR, to ensure any data you share as part of this program is kept confidential and in your control.

“Factors such as genetics, age, gender, and ethnic origin play an important role in the effectiveness of medical treatments, which is why diversity in research participants is incredibly important,”

Nikhil Nayak, Chief Business Officer for San Diego Blood Bank

Influence the Future of Personalized Medicine in Southern California and Around the World

San Diego Blood Bank is continues to grow to meet the changing needs of our health care community.  Your participation as a partner in research can help shape the future of health care.