When researchers come together with people, breakthroughs happen.

Research powered by real-world, shared data advances our understanding of diseases now, not later.

Working tirelessly to understand complex diseases, you need better health information than what exists today. Keeping people connected to their data and your research makes the difference. Learn how we can help you find your study cohort and conduct research faster.

Establish your study cohort

Recruit people to your study, stay in constant communication, and ensure their privacy with a platform specifically designed with input from advocacy leaders, researchers, and patients.


Our partner, Genetic Alliance, offers cost-effective review by their Institutional Review Board.

Manage and Grow
Collect and Share

Collect health data

Design your study and gather real-world data directly from participants throughout the study and their lives to continuously enrich their data. Start collecting electronic health records, DNA files, validated and custom survey content today using our helpful tools and services.

Start discovering

Access research-ready data in your private, secure Insights Workbench to uncover new insights. Work independently or invite collaborators and get started right away using popular, off-the-shelf analysis tools or add in other preferred tools when ready.

Work With Researchers

Conduct research better, faster

Want to learn more about how Luna can help you, from designing your study to supporting your goals, to gathering real-world data directly from participants? Download PDF product sheets for our Admin Console, Insights Workbench, and Community Driven Innovation.

Secure and private research

Each permissioned researcher can query, analyze and store results using web-based tools such as Tableau® or Jupyter® Notebook preconfigured with RStudio®, Python, or PySpark kernels. We maintain complex IT infrastructure, software licenses, and regulatory compliance so you don’t have to.






Data Analysis

Together, we can drive research faster for a healthier today.

Confidently gather data in a platform built from the ground up to be compliant with worldwide privacy and security practices and using the latest analysis innovations.

Your work demands courage and commitment. Don’t do it alone. We can help drive people-centered health research.