When people come together to power research, breakthroughs happen.

The future of health is powered by data—real data from people like you.

Whether you’re healthy or sick, your health data is valuable. Information about your lived experiences, DNA data, and medical history reveals insights to drive breakthroughs. Create a secure account and start sharing your data.

Share your data,
don’t sell it

Start by sharing your health data inside your secure account. Complete surveys, connect your health records, upload genetic files, and much more. We’ll make sure your personal information is safe and completely separate from your health data.

How It Works
Manage Your Data

Manage your data,
don’t lose control

You can download, view, or delete your data at any time. Your data doesn’t leave the platform without your permission and is never sold. You now have the opportunity to participate in studies, and your data is available across studies.

Do good with your data,
don’t let it go to waste

Discovery needs you and your data, and lots of it, that represents your real experiences. By sharing your data, you are helping to power new breakthroughs that one day might save lives.

Do Good With Your Data

Share in the successes

By joining Luna, you become a partner in discovery, not a subject of research. The data you share has scientific and monetary value, which is why we created Luna as a member-owned platform. When you contribute data, you earn shares of ownership in Luna.

Join us in redefining how research gets done.