Share Health Data, Earn Shares, Drive Discovery

  • Share Data

    Join LunaDNA and share your data in a few steps. Your data is de-identified and encrypted to ensure privacy and security.

  • Help Discovery

    Researchers pay to conduct research on the aggregated data.

  • Earn Benefits

    Proceeds earned from research on the platform are passed back to the shareholders who shared their data, like you.

  • Share Data

When you join LunaDNA, you become a member of a community embarking on a journey to drive medical breakthroughs. When you become a member, you consent to share your health and DNA data for health research. Your data privacy and security is our highest priority.




All health and DNA data is stripped of personal information, making it de-identified. Personal information is stored in a separate database from health and DNA data, and all data is securely encrypted.




You maintain control of your data at all times. It never leaves the LunaDNA platform, and you may choose to delete it at any time. Researchers only have access to de-identified data within our platform. Data cannot be exported by them.




LunaDNA uses best practices including HIPAA and GDPR compliance ensuring your privacy, security, as well as transparency in how your data is used.

  • Help Discovery

Researchers pay to access the LunaDNA platform to perform research studies. Health and DNA data from millions of people like you will empower researchers to perform studies at the scale needed for medical breakthroughs.


Your continuous contributions of new health and lifestyle data will help researchers discover correlations between DNA, conditions, medications and outcomes. Such correlations can be deployed to drive more precise healthcare based on people’s uniqueness and inform prevention strategies.

  • Earn Benefits

You earn shares in LunaDNA based on the data that you share. You have the choice to donate or keep your shares. As researchers complete studies, proceeds from those contracts flow back to LunaDNA members in the form of dividends.

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Join the Community and Help Drive Discovery

Where We’re Headed Next


As we continue to scale our platform, we will accept additional data types including medical records and wearables, provide more community resources, and deliver new ways for you to explore your health. Through partnerships with disease foundations, academic institutions, and drug development companies, we will accelerate health discoveries and help drive medical breakthroughs for the greater good of humanity.

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