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About LunaDNA

LunaDNA is the first health and DNA research platform owned by its community of individual health and DNA data contributors. LunaDNA empowers individuals to securely and privately share their health and DNA data to accelerate health research and discoveries, improve quality of life, drive smarter healthcare, and share in the monetary value that flows from that platform.

We believe community participation and engagement will create a research platform at sufficiently great scale, information scope, and diversity to yield actionable and broadly applicable medical discoveries. People who share their health and DNA data also share in the value created from research and discoveries made through the LunaDNA platform. Healthy or sick, we all can help the world by making it easier to conduct robust health research.

LunaPBC is a privately owned Public Benefit Company (PBC) that founded LunaDNA. LunaDNA is a community-owned public company with the goal of driving medical breakthroughs through community engagement, ownership, personal data-control, and transparency, while safeguarding our community’s privacy. LunaPBC’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the members and their data, support discovery activities, establish partnerships, and raise awareness within the general public in order to increase membership and engagement. LunaDNA is the community-owned health and DNA data platform developed by LunaPBC. Community members earn ownership shares in LunaDNA by contributing their health and DNA data. LunaPBC was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Diego, California. Its founders represent former Illumina executives (NASDAQ:ILMN, DNA sequencing leader), as well as leaders from large scale consumer platforms and the finance sector.

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LunaDNA is taking a people-first approach to reshape research. LunaDNA is the only platform that issues shares of ownership in the company in exchange for contributing your health and DNA data. Members are true partners that share in the value created from research performed on the platform. We have operationalized our people-first approach by leveraging the latest technologies to ensure (1) transparency in how your data is used, (2) control of your data by you at all times, (3) privacy of your personal information, and (4) security of your personal information and health and DNA data.

LunaDNA’s management company, LunaPBC, is a Public Benefit Corporation, enabling us to focus on accelerating medical discoveries for the greater good as our priority.

Your Data

LunaDNA accepts DNA files from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage and FamilyTree DNA as well as LunaDNA-generated health surveys.

Soon we will accept additional data types such as whole genome and exome DNA files, RNA, microbiome, electronic health records (EHRs), fitness/activity trackers, smart devices, medical devices, and many more.

The more comprehensive data collected from each member, the more valuable the data is for driving medical breakthroughs.

LunaPBC will contract with non-profits, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and other research groups to enable access to the platform for health research. Research may include studies focused on understanding disease, improving health, drug discovery, and many other facets of improving health and quality of life.

Researchers will access health and DNA data that has been stripped of personal identifiers, making it de-identified, and aggregated (pooled) with all member data within the secure confines of the LunaDNA platform.

See our Privacy Policy and How it Works page for more information.

Sharing different data types such as genotyping data, electronic health records, health/wellness habits, and wearables is easy and LunaDNA will provide instructions for sharing data in each area once we launch. Sharing is as simple as uploading a DNA file that you already have to our platform or taking a short health survey.

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Security & Privacy

Your privacy and security are extremely important to us. We use industry best practices to protect your data and your anonymity.

Members’ information is stored, transferred, and processed using HIPAA-compliant privacy and state-of-art security measures. Data is stripped of personal identifiers (de-identified), all personal information and health and DNA data is encrypted, and personal information is stored in a separate environment from your health and DNA data.

Additionally, your data never leaves the LunaDNA platform. You are in control of your data at all times, and can delete it completely at any time. Your data file de-identified or otherwise is never shared with third parties.

Privacy is a key pillar of our business, and these are just some of the ways we will protect it. For additional information, please review our Privacy Policy.

We will never make your data public. Only research organizations under contract with LunaPBC can access de-identified aggregated (pooled) data in a private, secure environment within the LunaDNA platform as detailed in the consent. Your personal information (contact information, individual-level data, etc.) will not be shared by LunaDNA.

Through your privacy settings, you may choose to opt-in to other options on the LunaDNA platform that may enable you to share your data outside of the platform. The choice to opt-in to any of these options will always be your decision, not ours.

You own your data so it is completely in your control at all times.

You control what data you share with LunaDNA for health research.

You can remove some or all of your data at any time in Settings. Since your data is never shared outside of the platform by LunaDNA, when you delete your data it is completely deleted from our system. From Settings, you can also choose to revoke consent or delete your account which will result in all of your data being deleted as well.

From Settings, you can also choose to download your own data that you shared with LunaDNA at any time. This does not remove it from our system but provides easy accessibility to you if you need it.

Sharing your data with LunaDNA has some low-likelihood risks that you should understand. Our consent policy provides further details about these risks.

Your data never leaves our platform. However, breaches are possible on all internet platforms, despite use of state-of-the-art technology to protect privacy and security of data. The ability of an external party to breach the platform and then export large amounts of data, is further limited by the platform architecture, as LunaDNA’s platform is not designed to export large amounts of data to third parties.

Some of the privacy settings you apply to your account may reduce your anonymity or enable you to share your data with third parties. We will default our settings to protect your privacy and restrict any data sharing. You are in control of making any changes to these settings.

If you have previously taken a genetic test or are considering one, you may be interested in more information and risks associated with genetic testing. We have provided some information below, but it is not exhaustive.

Shares in LunaDNA

Community ownership means people who join LunaDNA and contribute health and DNA data are issued shares of ownership in LunaDNA for each approved data contribution (pending approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)). As such, individuals can obtain shares in LunaDNA similar to owning other public stocks and securities.

Proceeds generated from the research conducted in the platform will be paid to shareholders in LunaDNA as dividends (cash distributions) in proportion to how many shares they own.

Share ownership is based on the amount of data shared on the platform. Shares are non-transferable, meaning that they cannot be sold at this time. If a community member decides to remove data and/or leave the community, the specified data will be deleted and the corresponding shares will be returned to LunaDNA.

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