A community of people

Communities bring people together to help find answers fast.

Experiences shared within your community help you and those around you.

Handling a health condition on your own is hard. Bringing a community together can provide the shared experiences, shared resources, and shared answers to manage better.

Activate your community

Access simple tools to set up your community on Luna in three steps:

  1. Sign up for your admin account
  2. Add your community branding
  3. Invite people to join your community

Stay connected with your community

Use the Recontact Agent messaging service on Luna to update members on new resources, share stories, and inform them about further studies and clinical trials.

Understand your community’s needs

Uncover the real priorities of your community with our Community Driven Innovation program. Learn what matters the most to them and start sharing insights back with your community.

Conduct research better, faster

Want to learn more about how Luna can help you, from designing your study to supporting your goals, to gathering real-world data directly from participants? Download PDF product sheets for our Admin Console, Insights Workbench, and Community Driven Innovation.

The answers lie within communities.

We built Luna to help you surface the right questions and find the best answers within your group or together with research partners.

Building and managing a community is challenging, but we can help connect you to what matters most.