What the Future of DNA Data Privacy Looks Like

What if we could better understand our predisposition to developing certain diseases? How might our healthcare be more personalized, preventative, or participatory? Advancing science and accelerating medical breakthroughs begins with you. When individuals like you take control over their most personal information, their DNA data, powerful things can happen that can change the entire course of humanity.

The team behind LunaDNATM speaks out about the importance of privacy, control, and transparency when it comes to your DNA data. It’s vital information has the ability to drive who we are and what we do, and in turn, should be treated with the utmost respect. From a more diverse healthcare system where everyone is represented in medical discovery, to an optimized research model that enables transparent understanding of how personal health data is used in research, LunaPBC declares that the future of DNA data privacy looks bright for people-powered research. 

Watch the video above and share what the future of DNA data privacy looks like to you.

Who we are:

LunaPBCTM is the public benefit corporation behind LunaDNA, the first people-powered health and DNA data platform owned by its community of data contributors. We’re a team of passionate pioneers on a mission to reshape health to improve the quality of life for all. 

What we do:

We empower people of all communities to rally together and contribute health data to advance science and accelerate medical breakthroughs. We do so by ensuring your health and DNA data is secured, de-identified, and encrypted on our HIPPA compliant, state-of-the-art platform. We also ensure you’re sharing in the value created from medical discovery. When you contribute your health data onto the LunaDNA platform, you receive shares of ownership in the organization in return. At LunaDNA, everyone wins.

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