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COVID-19 Study’s Early Insights Shed Light on New Trends 

Since the launch of our COVID-19 Study in March 2020, LunaDNA members have submitted over 340,000 responses to gather physical and mental wellness information directly from individuals during this global pandemic. Early insights we previously released in July revealed that one in six participants had taken a COVID-19 test and nearly one-third had tested positive. Today, we can identify a new shift in trends that better represent the current state of the world. Across the globe, […]

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Know Your Health: Is Anxiety Genetic?

By LunaDNA Contributing Writer  Many people experience anxiety during their lifetime. However, anxiety is not normal if it takes over your life. A genetic predisposition for anxiety can trigger an over-the-top response to a low-key event. There are many risk factors for anxiety disorders including genetics, personality, brain chemistry, and external influences.   Learn more about […]

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