Give and Get More With Your Electronic Health Records

We’re looking forward to adding another opportunity for you to contribute health data onto the LunaDNA platform.

This summer, we are adding the ability to connect electronic health records (EHRs) – doctor visit reports, lab test results, and more – with the LunaDNA platform. This is a giant step towards accelerating health discovery. For the first time, meaningful longitudinal data paired with genetic and lifestyle data will be available for researchers. Since your health data changes over time, combining it with your medication information, your exercise habits, and your genetics, is amazingly powerful for understanding disease and wellness.


Not only does access to health record information help researchers uncover new diagnoses and treatments, it also helps you manage your own well-being! By reviewing your own records on a regular basis, you can have more informed conversations with doctors and caregivers to take control of your health. Take the first step by connecting to your physician’s portals.


It’s easy to get started.

If you haven’t connected to your Patient Portals yet, all you need to do is contact your doctor’s office and ask how to connect to the portal. They will likely provide you with a link and login information. From there, it’s pretty simple to log in and access your account and health records.


When connecting your health records to LunaDNA, all you need is the name of your doctor or doctor’s office and your portal login information. We have partnered with a company with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry to create and manage these integrations (more on them in later posts). Your data is synced to the LunaDNA platform, encrypted, and structured to enable downstream research aligned to our consent and privacy policies.  It is also available for you download and review at any time. 


If you need help, you can always contact the LunaDNA support team at

Take the first step by connect your Patient Portals to LunaDNA!

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