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What the Future of DNA Data Privacy Looks Like

What if we could better understand our predisposition to developing certain diseases? How might our healthcare be more personalized, preventative, or participatory? Advancing science and accelerating medical breakthroughs begins with you. When individuals like you take control over their most personal information, their DNA data, powerful things can happen that can change the entire course […]

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ownership shares for sharing data

LunaDNA Is Approved By The SEC to Offer Ownership Shares to Individuals for Sharing Data

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Dec. 5, 2018  — LunaDNA LLC announced today that its securities offering has been qualified and its platform is now open to U.S. residents. LunaDNATM is the first community-owned health and DNA data platform to offer ownership shares for contributing personal health information. The Final Offering Circular for the offering is available […]

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