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How Modern Data Privacy Laws Enables Research

October 25, 2021
Now that data privacy laws have become more globally widespread, existing institutional systems for data aggregation have been slow to adapt to support general health research. In this webinar, Luna’s Chief Information and Privacy Officer, Scott Kahn, explores the common framework of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related regulations and suggests…

Here’s Why You Should Prioritize the Safety and Security of Your Health Data

August 19, 2019
By Lena Huang, LunaDNA Contributor Over the past few decades, scientists and researchers have made great strides in understanding how to use genomic data to drive important medical discoveries. However, as the scientific community continues to gain access to genomic data at rapid speeds, concerns about the privacy of that…

LunaDNA Is Approved By The SEC to Offer Ownership Shares to Individuals for Sharing Data

April 19, 2019
SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Dec. 5, 2018  — LunaDNA LLC announced today that its securities offering has been qualified and its platform is now open to U.S. residents. LunaDNA™ is the first community-owned health and DNA data platform to offer ownership shares for contributing personal health information. The Final Offering Circular…