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Attention Oncology Leaders and Patient Communities: New Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Instrument Development Initiative for Oncology

November 27, 2023
QualityMetric, an IQVIA business (QM), has contracted with LunaPBC to build a patient-driven oncology instrument for measuring the impacts on physical functioning across many cancers. Cancer group leaders are encouraged to join in this effort to ensure the voice of their community is incorporated. Partnering groups will have access to…

Patients – The True First Authors of Disease

October 30, 2023
What does it take to get attention and establish credibility as a patient community with a complex, understudied disease? For the Arachnoiditis & Chronic Meningitis Collaborative Research Network (ACMCRN), it was a scientific abstract describing information they gathered from their community of patients about living with Arachnoiditis, a debilitating condition that…

Bringing Responsible Use of AI to Patient Advocacy Groups

October 30, 2023
Hardly a day goes by that AI isn’t mentioned in a news report or conversation on how technology is affecting our lives. This is also true for discussions about healthcare advancements, from cancer therapies and precision medicine, to simply being able to serve patients better in the limited time doctors…