Uniting for the Common Good

People must be at the center of research to drive health breakthroughs faster. That’s why we’ve built a platform that brings together individuals, communities, and researchers through trust, transparency, and shared value.

For Individuals 

Each of us has unique details that hold clues to the next medical breakthrough — sharing your health data helps uncover new insights.

For Communities

Communities bring people together to help find answers fast.

For Researchers 

Collect health experiences and data directly from participants over the course of your studies — we manage it so you can get started right away.


Genetic Alliance
Genome Medical
San Diego Blood Bank
The University of Vermont Health Network
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We see people as partners in discovery not research subjects

We unite individuals and communities, putting their health data to work to answer life’s most pressing questions. When people come together with a collective vision of responsibility and fairness, it creates a force so powerful that it can alter the face of longstanding systems and institutions.

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Join us in redefining how research gets done.